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Wood Log Toys ~ 100% USA-made

Wood log building sets that can be configured in unlimited ways!

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Our Toy Product Lines

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Classic Sets

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Our classic designs enjoyed by generations. Made from natural wood and food-safe dyes.

Wood-Links® Sets

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Brightly-colored with food-safe dyes and packed in sturdy, reusable tubs.

Earth-Friendly Sets

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Natural wood logs from sustainably-managed forests, free from dyes.

Build & Paint Sets

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Build it... then paint it with included non-toxic paint and paintbrush.

Paul Bunyan Sets

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Nostalgic log cabin designs that provide for plenty of creative building.

Deluxe Sets

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Value-priced, deluxe building sets - perfect for two or more children to play together.

Original Sets

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The original Roy Toy product line - same as it was when introduced in the 1930s.

Let's play TOGETHER... Let's be CREATIVE... Let's build MEMORIES!