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Wood Log Toy Building Sets

Natural wood toys that inspire creativity, cognitive learning, and interaction!

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Explore our wood log building sets

Nostalgic, fun designs that can be configured in unlimited ways!

A unique log design

Our notched logs were specifically designed for building structures that don't topple easily!

All of our toys are crafted from materials of 100% USA origins and colored with food-grade dyes. Our wood is Eastern White Pine, sustainably-harvested in Maine. We lightly emboss the surfaces of each wooden block for a smooth finish that is comfortable for little hands.

We are a three-generation family of Maine toy makers

Our first log building set was designed and crafted in the 1930s!

PHOTO (circa 1930s): A horse-drawn wagon loaded with an order of building sets leaves the Roy Toy workshop destined for the Machias, Maine train station.

Let's play TOGETHER... Let's be CREATIVE... Let's build MEMORIES!